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Insights for Life was established in 2002 and during the first few years it created and ran a variety of locally based projects in London.

In 2007 it concentrated on a project called ‘as 2 become 3’ which equipped couples through the transition into parenthood.

In 2013, after positive endorsements from participants, government and the media, it worked with other charities to help create a pilot course which is now being trialled in several locations, through the NHS, with Government funding. The long term intention is to see it rolled out nationally.

In 2015 it was decided to focus upon men expecting their first child. This built upon previous work and the project is called ‘Dads to Be’.

Dads to Be

‘Dads to Be’ works with expectant Dads, informing and equipping them for the joys and challenges of becoming a Dad.

The current focus of the project is a 90 minute workshop, run in various locations and led by a ‘Dads to Be’ facilitator and a midwife.

The aim for the future is to scale up these workshops and also to develop an online presence.

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